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smocs - membership and participation

"yes, i want to do something about oysters and the environment in southern maryland."


membership levels

basic membership - $35

oyster keeper - $50

oyster steward - organizations and charter member - $100

oyster guardian - $250

oyster sponsor - $500

oyster champion - $1,000

how can i join?

click on the oyster link above and use our new and secure online membership and donation service. you can also download the smocs brochure for more information. you may indicate your membership level on the application form included in the brochure and send the form with your payment to:

len zuza, president
p.o, box 1000
lusby, md 20657

how can i volunteer?

it's easy! contact our volunteer coordinator, matt regan to talk about the many ways you can help smocs and your local environment.


smocs knows that many residents of southern maryland would like to raise oysters, but do not live on the water. for those members, smocs will work with owners of waterfront property willing to let others raise oysters next to or under their docks. these "surrogate" farmers would provide critical support for smocs cultivation programs.

smocs will make every effort to obtain as many adopt-a-dock© supporters as possible so that anyone who wants to participate will be able to do so.

messages to our membership

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to catch up on the email messages and announcements regarding smocs activities.



smocs is a 501(c)(3) organization