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smocs - who are we?


cleaning local waters -
one oyster at a time!

smocs brings together individuals who are enthusiastic about raising oysters to help clean up the waters of creek along the lower patuxent river and educate as many people as possible about the benefits of restoring oysters to the chesapeake bay. 

its programs will be designed to facilitate the exchange of information on oyster cultivation, support oyster cultivation programs, make information available to local schools and community organizations about oyster cultivation, and obtain the support of the local community for cleaning up local tributaries. 

our mission:

smocs is a grass-roots, membership-based organization dedicated to raising oysters and improving local water quality through oyster cultivation and restoration projects, public outreach, and targeted advocacy.

our goals:

  • raise as many oysters as possible.
  • help people who do not live near tidal water find waterfront owners willing to let others raise oysters on their docks.
  • support the scientific study of oysters and their habitat to learn more about the relationship between oysters and their habitat.
  • work with youth groups, school systems and community organizations to share information on the environmental benefits of growing oysters.
  • work with local and state officials to enact programs that support oyster restoration
  • help members obtain oyster spat and the equipment needed to raise them from a variety of sources.

build a reef - save the oyster!

oysters are:

  • one of nature’s most efficient ways of cleaning bay waters of excess algae, thereby reducing nitrogen pollution.
  • indicators of water quality (oysters are to the bay what canaries are to coal mines).
  • a symbol of the economic and cultural history of solomons island and other communities along the lower patuxent river. the hard work and character of the watermen who lived and worked here define the history and traditions of the lower patuxent river.
  • an effective tool for educating school children and community organizations about the environmental and economic benefits of clean waters.

smocs' board of directors

len zuza, president
matt regan, vice president
dom raino, treasurer
karen zuza, secretary
jon farrington
robert wiley


smocs is a 501(c)(3) organization