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oyster cultivation society
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smocs wishes to express its gratittude to all those who have supported and sponsored our organization.

for our list of sponsors click here.

smocs has named the oyster habitat in back creek the
"john mchenry memorial reef"
it lies on the point 100 yards northwest of the oyster bay condominiums.


see your successes! click here for two marvelous photos of our living reefs.


southern maryland oyster cultivation society


cleaning local oyster at a time.

help us :

  • reestablish oyster reefs in local creeks,
  • build a grassroots membership actively engaged in oyster restoration activities,
  • increase public awareness through workshops, lectures, and media of the role of oysters in restoring water quality, and
  • advocate before legislative and regulatory bodies to promote local water quality.





dear members and friends,
as you know, we have officially dissolved our organization, smocs.  

we can take real pride in what we, as a community, have done.  since i have repeatedly shared with you our accomplishments, i won't repeat them here, but i will say that we are ending our program on a very positive note.  dr. tom miller, director of the chesapeake biological laboratory, recently told attendees at a league of women voters meeting that dr. walter boynton will probably be citing the smocs program as contributing to the improvement in water quality in solomons harbor that he noted in his last survey.  dr. boynton will probably not complete his report and submit it to the calvert county board of commissioners until april, but smocs members can take deep satisfaction in dr. boynton's preliminary assessment that our oysters probably contributed to the improvements that he noted.  this is why we started smocs seven years ago and this is exactly what we had hoped to achieve.

so on this very positive note, i bid you farewell in my capacity as smocs president.  but karen and i feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people in the greater solomons area in the course of smocs activities and we look forward to building on the many wonderful friendships that we formed in this area.  

the smocs board joins in my farewell and also wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.  

finally, thanks to all of you one last time for all of your many forms of support during the implementation of this extraordinary program.  we could not have achieved the success that we did without your physical, financial, and moral support.

len zuza
president of smocs




smocs is a 501(c)(3) organization